Born and raised in Campbellsville, KY, For Now and Forever creator and writer G. Matthew Smith has held a life long love for the soap opera genre.  His interest in the genre began as he watched the serials Another World and Days of Our Lives at the knee of his grandmother and continued on into adulthood.  Through the years, his devotion to the genre has lead to his researching the genre's history as well as the histories of individual series.  This interest in the past of the genre soon led to a deep appreciation of the genre's classic form which is represented throughout this site.  A graduate of Campbellsville High School, the author attended Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, and currently resides in Lexington, KY, where he works in the restaurant industry.  His birthday is August 10, 1971.




For Now and Forever was created, offline, in 1986 as a round-robin type soap opera written by Smith and then-girlfriend.  Set in modern day, the series (then titled A New Day Dawning) centered on star-crossed lovers Ted Patterson and Sara Sanders as well as key families the Callisons, the Davises, the Bennetts, and the Fairgates.  Although the personal relationship ended, the series continued on with Smith writing alone.  Smith's interest in the history of the soap opera genre started him thinking A New Day Dawning - the original title of For Now and Foreverabout the past history of his own series.  In an attempt to investigate this history, he went back in time and wrote a roughly detailed backstory for the series beginning in 1935, continuing forward until the backstory met with the beginning of the series.

In 1991, Smith put the series away to focus on other things and there it remained until early December 2000.  A renewed interest in the series led him to want to write for it again.  However, in the intervening years, Smith had discovered the internet and a new type of soap opera -- the websoap.  Convinced that this medium would be just the thing for his series, Smith began to work to bring an updated version of the series to the web.  Although originally intended to be set in 2001, a direct continuation of the original version, Smith soon realized that the already varied and twisted storylines created years earlier might prove difficult to explain and translate to a new audience.  Therefore, he decided that the best place to begin the series would be, naturally, at the beginning -- 1935 -- and a websoap was born.  For Now and Forever premiered on the web on March 2, 2001, and has been attracting readers and fans worldwide ever since.


Written over 20 years ago, it is from this short narrative of how it all began that the first 75 episodes of the webseries was adapted.  Notice who was and wasn't in the original story.

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Now you can download and read FNaF in a series of ebooks in .pdf format.  Listed are the volumes currently available.

FOR NOW & FOREVER - BOOK ONE (1935 - Part One)
Episodes #1 - #13; 202 pgs.; .98 MB; Zipped as a .rar file

FOR NOW & FOREVER - BOOK TWO (1935 - Part Two)
Episodes #14 - #75; 488 pgs.; 2.3 MB; Zipped as a .rar file

Episodes #76 - #125; 567 pgs; 2.59 MB; Zipped as a .rar file



As I'm sure many of you are aware, the theme song used for FNaF is actually the 1975-1981 theme song for the classic daytime soap opera "Another World". For FNaF, I'm using a special orchestrated arrangement first recorded for an album of soap themes in the late 1970s.  I have uploaded the mp3 of the full theme to mediafire for you to download.

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Favorite New Series
Favorite Supporting Character (Male)
Patterson Monroe

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The Engagement Party