I would like to express special thanks to the following people and groups  for any help, support, or ideas for the creation of this site....

Ms. Kira Lerner

For the inspiration that her excellent series About Schuyler Falls provided me concerning site design and navigation

epiguide.com (nee The Episodic Online Review)

For their wealth of information on the production of websoaps and for their commitment to the web series community

Mr. Chris Longo

For taking the chance to chat with me online about FNaF and for giving me a few tips and pointer

Mr. Matt Wittig

For giving me the inspiration with Forever and a Day to actually put this project together after I've had it sitting on a shelf for about ten years


and a special thank you....

Ms. Irna Phillips

Irna Phillips

Without the existence of Irna Phillips, none of us probably would be doing what we're doing today.  Websoaps are like a new millennium version of the old radio soaps...a genre that some aren't sure will last.  Irna Phillips single handedly created the soap opera genre way back in the 1930's when the only electronic media was the radio.  Her brilliant mind created the soap operas The Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns, and Days of Our Lives among a host of others.  Because of this, I dedicate this soap opera to her memory.