Episode #0031

NEW DAY J.K. CONSTRUCTION – ALEX’S OFFICE Alex KiriakisAlex Kiriakis paces back and forth across the room as he makes yet another attempt to get the numbers to for the new University Hospital wing to line up. Despite his best efforts and the efforts of both the hospital board and the Horton Foundation, the project is underfunded and the groundbreaking is only days away. To make matters worse, Alex is worried that if the project ends up going south, it’s going to result in a complete audit of the company books which could very well expose the number juggling he’s been performing over the last several months to funnel funds out of the company and into a secret bank account. To say that Alex is panicked would be an understatement. When his mother, Adrienne Kiriakis, bursts into the room in a flurry of excitement, Alex is immediately annoyed and attempts to ignore her so that he can focus on the matter at hand. However, Adrienne stops him dead in his track when she announces that she’s managed to line up the rest of the needed funding for the hospital project. Alex is both relieved and stunned and anxiously waits for her to reveal all the details. Title J.K. CONSTRUCTION – ALEX’S OFFICE Judi Evans as Adrienne KiriakisJustin Kiriakis has joined his wife, Adrienne, and their son, Alex. He begs her to end the suspense over the new source of funding for the hospital wing. asics femme pas cher Adrienne begins by explaining that the donor actually came to her to extend the offer for funding; she just negotiated the deal. Scarpe Nike Air Max Quickly growing annoyed with her stalling, Alex demands to know who this mysterious donor is. A self-satisfied Adrienne proudly announces that Derek King, owner of The King Group, has come forward with an offer to finance the balance of the hospital project. Justin is stunned and confused as to why King would have any interest in a hospital in Salem. Adrienne explains that, apparently, he’s just purchased the Salem Spectator and has extended the offer as part of a community outreach campaign. Justin is almost speechless, but thankful for the development and reminds Adrienne that they still need to make sure to coordinate the funding with Lucas Horton at the Horton Foundation and Byron Rawlins of the University Hospital board. Meanwhile, Alex can only sit in stunned silence because, despite the praise heaped on his step-mother for the funding coup, he’s more than well aware of who’s really responsible. WILL’S LOFT Sonny Kiriakis helps his boyfriend, Will Horton, carry boxes into Will’s new loft as they discuss the reaction of Will’s mother, Sami Brady, over him moving out. Will explains that although his mother wasn’t exactly thrilled with his decision (and quite possibly less so with his step-grandfather, John Black’s, role in it), she eventually realized that he’s an adult, it’s his decision, and it would definitely be for the best in regards to living space. Sonny smiles as he comments that it’s also for the best in regards to privacy and alone time for the two of them. Sonny takes the stack of boxes out of Will’s hands and sets them aside so that he can pull Will close and kiss him long and tenderly. After a few moments, Will struggles to pull himself out of Sonny’s arms, much to Sonny’s dismay. Sonny questions the action and Will explains that they still have a lot of things to move in and he wants to get it all taken care of and squared away before Sonny has to go into the coffee shop. Although Sonny is disappointed that it means a postponement of their alone time, he agrees that it might be best to get everything moved in first. SALEM INN – DINING ROOM Jennifer Devereaux is enjoying lunch with her cousin, Hope Brady. Hope is telling Jennifer about getting her new ward, J.T. Reiber, registered as Salem High. Jennifer is concerned that J.T. will have a difficult time adjusting. Mario Manningham – Michigan Wolverines Hope agrees that so much change so quickly can’t be easy for someone J.T.’s age who’s already had some trouble. Hope knows she has to keep a very close eye on him to keep him from going down a wrong road. fjällräven kånken Stora Jennifer asks about Bo and Hope explains that she managed to finally get hold of him in Australia on New Year’s Eve. The connection wasn’t very good and she didn’t really get much of a chance to go into too much detail about the circumstances surrounding J.T., but Bo does know that his parents, Glen & Barb Reiber, were killed and J.T. is living with them now. The curious expression on Hope’s face tells Jennifer that there’s something else on her mind and Hope confesses that she can’t stop thinking about how Bo sounded on the phone – rather distracted and distant. She couldn’t put her finger on quite what it is, but she’s certain that he’s keeping something from her and that suspicion is worrying her. Jennifer asks if Hope has spoken to either Shawn-Douglas or Belle and Hope confesses that she hasn’t. In fact, because of the communications issues, it seems like she hasn’t spoken to her them in months (at least since right after Bo went to Australia). Although Jennifer doesn’t press the issue, she can clearly tell that Hope is far more worried about the situation than she’s trying to act. hourglass UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL – BYRON’S OFFICE Will Lymon as Byron RawlinsAdrienne, Alex, Lucas Horton, and Byron Rawlins are concluding the impromptu, emergency meeting concerning The King Group’s unexpected financial backing of the new hospital wing. Rawlins is excited by the prospect of having Derek King as a hospital backer because he’s quite aware of both his background and reputation in business. Rawlins wants Lucas and the Horton Foundation to negotiate the finer details of the contribution and instructs Adrienne to work with Lucas since she’s already been in contact with Mr. King. Adrienne is alarmed by how quiet Alex has been about the entire development considering his earlier concerns about the future of the project. Alex insists that now that everything has been taking care of, there’s nothing for him to worry about anymore (hence his silence). However, Alex is quite anxious about King’s involvement and expresses this to the mysterious person who phones him while he’s at the hospital. Alex steps away from the group to take the call out in the hallway and proceeds to berate the caller for going behind his back and pulling strings to get The King Group on board. He asks the caller how they even managed the deal, but he’s clearly not given an acceptable answer. Livid about yet something else he’s being kept in the dark about, Alex warns his mysterious co-conspirator to “stop playing games” before everything they’re working for blows up in their faces. GABI’S ROOM Gabi Hernandez is in the middle of trying to decide what to wear to her afternoon orientation meeting with Alex for her new job as his part-time assistant. Her boyfriend, Nick Fallon, is still doing his best to convince her to change her mind about going to work for Alex, but she refuses to listen. Gabi reminds Nick that her landlady (and now former boss) Caroline Brady isn’t going to wait forever for her to move out of her room. Caroline’s given her far too much time as it is. Gabi needs a job that pays more than waitressing at the pub if she’s going to find a decent place to live and the job Alex has given her is the perfect one. As Nick continues to go into detail about all of the reasons he doesn’t particularly trust Alex and why the job is a bad idea, Gabi slowly begins to tune him out and slips into a fantasy about how her life might be as successful Alex’s personal assistant – a life that is far better than the one she’s been living. When Nick realizes that Gabi hasn’t been listening to him, he grabs her attention and forces her back to reality. Annoyed with Nick’s constant badmouthing of both Alex and her decision to work for him, a frustrated and angry Gabi orders him out of her room so that she can finished getting ready. She’s convinced that working for Alex is a good thing and she refuses to let Nick change her mind. SALEM HIGH SCHOOL J.T. Reiber is busy maneuvering through the halls and it’s clear that his first day has been less than stellar. He barely even makes eye contact with any of the other students as he approaches his locker. As far as he’s concerned, Salem High is the very last place in the world he wants to be. When he tries to get to his locker without talking to anyone, he accidentally bumps shoulders with another student who proceeds to shove J.T. and order him to watch what he’s doing. To J.T.’s surprise, that student is none other than Ace, the Viper gang member he first saw at University Hospital and again down on the docks. Ace is far from happy to see J.T. again and makes a point of warning him to keep out of his face. J.T. adidas zx flux damskie niebieskie asks Ace about the Vipers, causing Ace to shove J.T. up against the lockers and warn him about running his mouth because saying the wrong thing to the wrong person or asking too many of the wrong questions wouldn’t be a good thing for anyone. J.T. tells Ace that he understands. As Ace walks away, J.T. decides that the guys in the Vipers are just the kind of guys he needs to be around. hourglass UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Jeff Pomerantz as Dr. Bill HortonJennifer is hurrying down the hallway on her way to a meeting and nearly collides headfirst with her father, Bill Horton. Jennifer is surprised to see Bill at the hospital and naturally assumes that he’s there to see her or her brothers, Mike and Lucas. Jennifer tells her dad that she just got back from lunch with Hope and is late for a meeting. She’s wishes that he’d phoned her because she would’ve cleared her afternoon for him. Bill is clearly quite awkward with the accidental meeting and confesses that he’s not at the hospital to see her. Jennifer is embarrassed by her incorrect assumption and deduces that Bill is there for Mike or Lucas. Deciding that it might be best not to correct her, Bill lets Jennifer believe that’s his reason for being there and then kisses her on the cheek before she rushes off to make her meeting. Once Jennifer has disappeared down another hallway, Rawlins arrives and asks Bill if he’s ready to start on his paperwork. Bill nods that he is, but silently worries about what Jennifer, Mike, and Lucas will say when he finally tells them that his return to Salem is a bit more permanent than they’ve presumed. J.K. CONSTRUCTION – ALEX’S OFFICE Gabi arrives for her first day with Alex, but is disappointed to find the office empty. She lets herself in so that she can wait for him and then casually mulls around the office, looking at and inspecting all of the various knickknacks. When she comes across a framed photograph of Alex standing in front of the model of one of the buildings J.K.C. has been responsible for, she drifts into a fantasy about what it would be like to be a rich and successful business woman. nike tn pas cher As far as Gabi is concerned, this might not just be a part-time job, but the start of an entire career. new balance store buenos aires Alex hurries into the room and apologizes for being late, explaining about the latest development with the hospital project in the process. He subtly questions Gabi about Nick’s continued antagonism where her employment is concerned and she confesses that his opinion hasn’t changed. Alex tells Gabi that if she’s afraid that the job will cause a problem in her relationship with Nick, he fully understands if she wants to back out. Gabi assures Alex that she doesn’t and no one, not even Nick, can tell her where she can work. A smug Alex assures Gabi that, in time, he’s certain that Nick will come around. WILL’S LOFT As Will and Sonny finish putting the rest of Will’s things away, Sonny marvels at exactly how big the loft really is. Sonny didn’t know that there was a second bedroom upstairs and asks Will if he has any plans for it. Although Will isn’t sure, he assumes that he’ll just make it a guest bedroom. Will asks Sonny if he has any idea about the history of the loft and Sonny confesses that he doesn’t. Will explains that he got a very condensed history less from John and from the best he can tell, Bo and Hope first lived there years and years ago. Then his Aunt Kayla lived there for several years until his Aunt Jennifer moved in. Then John lived there for several years before turning it over to Brady and then Belle. Sonny is thoroughly impressed by the history. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Will offers to take Sonny up on the roof later so that they can look for where the initials of all the various couples who’ve lived in the loft over the years are carved. Thanks to Will’s history lesson, Sonny is quite aware of exactly what a big deal moving into the loft is and suggests the do something to celebrate the occasion. Will agrees and suggests that they throw a big housewarming party for all of their friends. Although Sonny likes that idea, he confesses that he had something more “intimate” in mind and then pulls Will into a deep kiss before leading him upstairs to Will’s new bedroom.

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