Episode #0030

NEW YEAR’S EVE DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE – TERRACE Dr. Marlena Evans BlackMarlena Evans stands in the doorway watching her husband, John Black, in Kristen DiMera’s arms.

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  • She’s nearly speechless from the sight. Neither John nor Kristen sees Marlena. Once Marlena regains her composure she walks out onto the terrace, but as she approaches John and Kristen it quickly becomes apparent that John might not be as much of a willing participant as it first appeared. John manages to pull himself out of Kristen’s arms and he pushes her away at which point they both finally see Marlena. John quickly goes on the offensive (“Marlena! It’s not what you think!”), but she walks past him and right up to Kristen where she gives her a sound slap that sends Kristen reeling backwards. Title DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE – TERRACE Kristen DiMeraWithout waiting for Kristen to speak, Marlena demands to know what’s going on. John quickly begins to explain that he came out to the terrace because he received her note only to find Kristen waiting for him. As soon as the New Year’s fireworks began, Kristen threw herself into his arms before he had a chance to stop her. Marlena arrived as he was trying to push her off of him. Kristen is clearly stunned by John’s version of events and promptly points out the note she received from “J.B.” asking her to meet him on the terrace. “J.B.? Just like on the card that came with the flowers?” Marlena deduces. John insists that he didn’t send Kristen that note and he didn’t send her any flowers – just like he told Kristen when she came by his office to ask him about them. Marlena reveals that she’d guessed about the visit because she’d found the card in his office and then asks John if there’s anything else about Kristen he’s neglected to tell him. John assures his wife that there’s nothing else and he only avoided saying anything about Kristen’s visit because he knew it would upset her. adidas superstar 2 mujer Kristen tries to attribute her actions to an “honest mistake” because, after all, who else could “J.B.” possibly be if not John (despite what he’d already told her). Marlena openly accuses Kristen of deliberately luring John to the terrace with a forged note from Marlena so that she could attempt to seduce him. Kristen assures Marlena that she did nothing of the sort. By this point, a small crowd has gathered in the terrace doorway (lured by the sounds of Marlena and Kristen shouting). When she notices the onlookers, a mortified Kristen storms off, unable to face the crowd’s accusing eyes. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL – EMERGENCY ROOM LOUNGE Dr. Mike Horton enters the lounge to get a fresh cup of coffee and walks in on Dr. Kayla Johnson clearly lost in deep thought. Considering that the mood between the duo is still awkward following their impetuous New Year’s Kiss, Mike hurriedly apologizes for disturbing her before backing out of the room.

  • Kayla calls out to him to come back and he does, although reluctantly. Both Mike and Kayla make attempts to apologize for the kiss, but end up talking over one another causing each of them to start and stop until Mike finally throws up his hands to silence Kayla. Asics Pas Cher Once she accepts that he feels the need to go first, Mike apologizes for the kiss, stating that it was out of line and unprofessional and, considering their long personal friendship, their professional boundaries became blurred. Kayla agrees and likewise apologizes, pointing out how it might look to the rest of the staff to have two of the candidates for the COS position kissing “even if it is New Year’s Eve and it didn’t really mean anything.” Both Mike and Kayla agree that, despite their long friendship, their work relationship has to be strictly professional in light of the COS competition. DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE An emotional Kristen rushes through the crowd until she finds her brother, EJ DiMera, and his date, Sami Brady. EJ immediately notices Kristen’s emotional state and asks her what’s wrong. Before Kristen says anything, she tells Sami she should probably go check on her mother, “she might need you right now.” Curious as to what Kristen is talking about, Sami excuses herself to go find out. Once alone, Kristen explains how she’d received the note from “J.B.” to meet on the terrace at midnight and how she naturally assumed it was from John so that when he showed up at midnight she took it to mean that there was still a chance for the two of them. Kristen assures EJ that she never conspired to get John alone and she most certainly never misled him into thinking he was meeting Marlena (no matter what both John and Marlena have openly accused her of). The more Kristen talks about what happened, the more emotional and agitated she becomes, insisting that with the crowd the confrontation drew and how people talk, everything she’s done to try to rehabilitate her image and name will have been for nothing. Seeing that Kristen is becoming more and more irrational the more emotional she gets, EJ instructs his assistant and her escort, Mitch Taggart, to take her home where she can rest. It’s obvious that this entire evening has been too much for her. hourglass DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE – TERRACE John BlackJohn again asks Marlena to forgive him for not saying anything to her about Kristen’s visit concerning the flowers, but Marlena assures him that she completely understands why he didn’t mention it and that there’s nothing to forgive. Sami bursts onto the terrace and demands to know what’s going on, revealing how an emotional Kristen hijacked her evening with EJ (causing both John and Marlena to silently question how serious this “date” between EJ and Sami truly is). John gives Sami a condensed version of the events. Sami is certain that the entire situation is a set-up constructed by Kristen. As far as Sami is concerned, it’s obvious that Kristen sent herself the flowers just to rile Marlena up, tricked John into meeting her on the terrace, and then had the note to herself from “J.B.” as a means to feign innocence. As Sami launches into an anti-Kristen rant, Marlena tries to calm her down, but can’t help but think that Sami might actually be right. DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE Brady Black and Chloe Lane are enjoying a spin around the dance floor in celebration of the New Year. She thanks him for being so supportive of her since she’s been back in Salem and insists that she wouldn’t be able to survive inside the Kiriakis Mansion without him being there for her. Brady insists that Chloe is a far stronger woman than she knows and reminds her of everything she’s overcome in her life (Ghoul Girl, leukemia, near-fatal car accidental, disfiguring scar). Chloe laments that things have become so tense between her and Philip because the only thing she wants is for them to get along and work in their son, Robby’s, best interests. Brady tries to justify Philip’s recent behavior by citing something “serious and intense” businesswise that he’s been concerned with which has eaten up a great deal of his time. Chloe questions Brady about what it could be, but he insists that he doesn’t have a clue before swiftly changing the subject by insisting that the last thing he wants to talk about with her is his nephew Philip. Brady tells Chloe that dancing with her like this reminds him of old times. Chloe confesses that she’d forgotten how much she’s missed being in his arms. Caught up in the moment, the former marrieds kiss for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Gabi Hernandez is looking for Alex Kiriakis so that she can apologize to him for her boyfriend, Nick Fallon’s, bad attitude and horrible behavior. She finds Alex dancing with his date, Ariel Weston, but as soon as Alex sees Gabi, he immediately leaves Ariel’s side and goes to her. This causes Ariel to scowl angrily in Gabi’s direction. It’s quite obvious that Ariel is quickly growing tired of Alex’s constant hot and cold running behavior where she’s concerned. Even though their relationship is entirely for show and a “business arrangement,” Ariel has started to entertain fantasies of an actual life as the future Mrs. Alexander Kiriakis including everything that would entail. She listens to Gabi apologize for how Nick has been acting towards him. Alex assures Gabi that it’s fine and completely understandable and he’s sure that Nick is concerned only because of how much he loves and worries about her. Gabi thanks Alex for being so understanding and then asks if his job offer is still open. He says that it is and Gabi quickly accepts it. Alex asks Gabi how Nick will react and she answers that where she works and for whom is her decision, not Nick’s, and he’ll just have to deal with it. Once Gabi leaves, Ariel tries to use her feminine wiles to draw Alex’s attention back to her, but he acts as if she isn’t even there. His thoughts are entirely of Gabi. asics gel stratus donna Frustrated and tired of being ignored, Ariel storms off. hourglass DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE – LADIES ROOM Justine Costsonas as Ariel WestonA furious Ariel storms into the room, fuming about how things are turning out with Alex. adidas gazelle donna She sits down at the vanity and looks at her reflection. It’s obvious that she’s on the verge of tears. As she stares at her reflection, her thoughts drift towards a fantasy scenario of her and Alex, in love and happy on a romantic date where he surprises her by dropping down onto one knee and proposing marriage. Coming back to reality, Ariel realizes that she has tears streaming down her face and she hurriedly attempts to dry her eyes with a tissue. new balance 574 homme gris “C’mon, pull it together,” she mutters to herself. adidas gazelle uomo Deciding that she needs some help, she hurriedly checks to see if the ladies’ room is empty and then proceeds to lay out a line of cocaine on the vanity. She barely has the last bit snorted up when Chloe comes into the ladies room, nearly catching Ariel in the process, but Ariel manages to quickly cover up her illicit activity just in the nick of time. As Ariel quickly gathers her things in an effort to make a hasty exit, Chloe notices that she seems upset by something and asks her what’s wrong. Air Jordan 10 Uomo Ignoring Chloe entirely, Ariel pushes past her and out of the ladies room leaving Chloe somewhat stunned by her behavior. Once Ariel has left, Chloe can’t help but think about her and the behavior she’d witnessed. Although Chloe doesn’t know Ariel well, the few times they’ve interacted at the Kiriakis Mansion Chloe has always gotten the impression that she knew her from somewhere before.

  • There’s always been something vaguely familiar about her. Chloe just can’t quite put her finger on what it is. DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE Sami returns to EJ’s side and demands to know where Kristen is – Sami wants a word with her. EJ explains that Kristen was upset by the evening’s turn of events and he had Mitch take her home. Sami begins to lay into a rant about Kristen and all of the evil, horrible things she’s done in the past to hurt her mother and vows to make sure that she never has another opportunity to do it again. EJ laughs that it sounds as if Sami’s turning into the head cheerleader for John and Marlena after years of trying to push her parents back together. A reluctant Sami confesses that she eventually had to give up on that dream – she knows that ship has sailed. Also, despite whatever problems she and her mother and John have had over the years, they’re still her family whether they like it or not. “Besides,” she continues, “it’s one thing when I fight with John or my mother. It’s completely different when someone from outside the family does it.” EJ admits that he actually understands that reasoning and begins to think of his own strained relationship with Stefano. THE DIMERA MANSION Kristen is alone in the living room having a glass of brandy. Although she’s lost count of exactly how many drinks she’s had since she’s been home, this is definitely neither her first nor her second. As she stands by the roaring fireplace, she flashes back to a time many years ago when she begged John not to leave her for Marlena, but he refused. When her thoughts return to the present, she becomes overcome with emotion and turns to hurl her glass across the room in frustration, nearly striking Mitch (who unexpectedly walks into the room) in the process. Mitch is bare-chested, wearing only low-slung pajama bottoms, a small plate with a sandwich in his hand. He dodges the thrown glass (“Careful, there!”) and Kristen is immediately embarrassed about her outburst. Going on the defensive, she demands to know why he’s spying on her and he assures her that he wasn’t spying – he was merely hungry (“I can’t believe the lack of food at that party”) and only came downstairs for a sandwich. He didn’t realize she was still up. As their eyes meet and linger from across the room, Mitch asks Kristen if she’s okay and she assures him that she’s fine before sending him on his way – but not before instructing him to make sure he’s fully dressed before making any more late-night excursions downstairs. Once she’s satisfied that Mitch has gone upstairs, an emotional Kristen picks up her telephone and hurriedly places a call. “It’s me, Kristen. I… I think I’m starting to lose control.

    3 thoughts on “Episode #0030

    1. I really hope the person Kristen is calling is Peter Blake! Though, it’s not like he was Mr. Stability, so it could just be her psychiatrist. And Kristen most definitely needs to break herself off a piece of sexy Mitch Taggert!

      Mike / Kayla are great so far.

      Ariel showing her true trashy colours. I love my gold-diggers so I can’t wait to see what see does when she starts scheming! The show desperately needs new blood in that area.

    2. After posting this episode, I realized that the Chloe/Ariel scene didn’t make much sense logically. After all, how can Chloe act like this is the first time she’s ever meeting Ariel when she’s living in the Kiriakis Mansion with Alex and they were both at the Kiriakis Christmas Party. Consequently, I rewrote/edited the end of that scene. I’m such an idiot hack.

    3. I loved Sami’s line about how it’s fine with her to fight with John and Marlena, but it’s not okay when others do it. That’s the mature Sami Brady I want to see. The immature bitch is still in there, but she’s also mature enough to defend them as family when others go at them.

      The logical guess for who Kristen is talking to is Stefano. Hope I’m wrong though, just for the sake of a surprise/twist.

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