Episode #0028

NEW YEAR’S EVE SAMI’S APARTMENT Sami BradySami Brady is watching her son, Will Horton, rush around trying to pack his things for his trip to the Green Mountain Lodge with his boyfriend, Sonny Kiriakis. Although Sami is genuinely happy for Will, she can’t help but feel a little apprehensive about the trip. She sits him down long enough to ask him, point blank, if he’s ready to take a trip like this with Sonny because she knows “how boys can be.” Will is clearly uncomfortable having such a discussion with his mother and quickly shuts her down by reminding her that he’s a boy just like Sonny, so maybe he’s the one Sonny has to watch out for. Faced with such a prospect, Sami swiftly lets the topic drop. Will then takes the opportunity to turn the tables on his mother by asking her about her own plans for New Year’s Eve. Sami avoids saying a word about EJ DiMera’s invitation, but implies that she has “a lot of options” for how to spend her evening. THE DIMERA MANSION EJ DiMeraEven though EJ hasn’t gotten a firm “yes” or “no” from Sami in regards to his invitation, he’s determined to go full steam ahead with his plans for New Year’s Eve. nike buty męskie Kristen DiMera is concerned that her brother is getting ahead of himself and reminds him that both Rafe Hernandez and Lucas Horton probably have their own plans for Sami. EJ is amused with the notion that either Rafe or Lucas could ever be competition for him and he assures Kristen that he always gets whatever he sets his mind on. EJ has every intention of wooing Sami into telling him everything he could ever possibly want to know about Rafe and Daniel’s role in trying to keep him from his son. EJ inquires about Kristen’s own plans and she reveals that she’ll be attending the big New Year’s Eve party at Doug’s Place just like EJ plans with Sami. EJ asks her whether John and Marlena will be there, too. Kristen doesn’t give him an answer beyond a coy smile. DOUG’S PLACE BY THE LAKE Chloe Lane is rehearsing with Fitz, the pianist, for the big party. Doug Williams is standing off to the side of the stage listening and completely enamored with Chloe’s performance. When she finishes the song she’s practicing, Doug responds with a rousing round of applause as he exclaims what a wonderful performance she’s given. Despite Doug’s raves, Chloe believes it isn’t quite up to snuff yet, but assures him that she’ll have it perfect in time for the party. Doug wants them to go over the duets they have planned for the evening, but before they can start Wally, the maitre d’, comes over to tell Chloe that she has a long distance telephone call on the house phone from Philip Kiriakis. Chloe is more than a little stunned to hear from him considering all of the trouble she’s had trying to deal with him over the last few months. Once she’s on the line with Philip, he apologizes for how difficult he’s been and attempts to dismiss it all as being caused by some difficult business troubles he’s had to deal with. He promises her that he’ll do better where both she and their son, Robby, are concerned. Although Chloe can’t quite put her finger on it, she’s certain that there’s something in Philip’s voice that sounds off. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Dr. Mike Horton is standing at the nurses’ station and reviewing a patient’s chart when Dr.

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  • Kayla Johnson comes walking up. She asks him about his plans for New Year’s and he explains that he was intending on going to Doug and Julie’s party at Doug’s Place. Kayla inquires about a date and he reveals that he’s planning to escort the lovely Gretchen Wyndham from billing. Kayla laments the decision because there seems to be a severe bout of the flu making the rounds among the hospital staff causing them to be severely shorthanded. fjallraven kanken mini (enfants) 7 L Kayla will be skipping any party plans to cover a shift in the ER for someone who’s out sick. Mike muses about how it will look to the board to have the acting COS filling a spot in the ER on New Year’s Eve. Kayla insists that she’s not doing it for the bonus points she’ll probably get in the COS competition (but they won’t hurt). Kayla smiles and tells Mike to enjoy his evening out before leaving to continue her rounds. Now, Mike can’t stop thinking about how good volunteering to work on New Year’s Eve will look to the board. THE BRADY PUB Abe CarverJohn Black and Marlena Evans are having lunch with their good friend, Abe Carver, and discussing their plans for New Year’s Eve. John and Marlena will be attending Doug and Julie’s party, but Abe confesses that he doesn’t have any set plans. In fact, Abe may very well just stay home and watch the ball drop on television. Marlena asks if Nicole will be staying home with him and Abe answers that he isn’t sure what her plans are. Nicole has barely left the house since little “Danny” came home from the hospital. She’s quite stressed and anxious over the custody suit EJ’s filed for the baby. Marlena suggests Abe bring Nicole to the party and thinks it would be good for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Valerie Grant walks into the pub and heads for the bar (clearly to pick up a take-out order). Abe immediately notices her and remarks that it seems she hasn’t changed a bit after all these years. asics gel nimbus 17 hombre He marvels that Val’s been back in Salem and at the hospital for a while and no one really knew about it. Marlena confesses that she knew, but Val asked her to keep it quiet. It appears that she was apprehensive about dealing with Julie considering Val is getting divorced from Julie’s son, David. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart John suggests that Abe asks Val out for New Year’s Eve, but Abe immediately becomes skittish and evasive. Abe insists that anything he and Valerie had was over a very long time ago before he ever even met Lexie. Besides, Abe’s not sure he’s even ready to start dating again – Valerie or anyone. GREEN MOUNTAIN LODGE Will and Sonny arrive and are shown to their room. Both of them are excited by the prospect of celebrating New Year’s Eve together at the resort, but a little anxious as well. Will notices a flier for a big New Year’s Eve party in the resort’s ballroom for guests and asks Sonny if he wants to go. Sonny replies that, although the party sounds like fun, the entire purpose of this little getaway is for them to spend time together – alone. Sonny notices Will’s nervousness and asks him if he’s having second thoughts about going away with him. adidas nmd r1 uomo Will insists that he isn’t – he’s more than ready – but does confess to being nervous. After all, Sonny is way more experienced than he is and he’s just worried that he’ll be a disappointment. Sonny pulls Will into his arms and assures him that he could never be a disappointment – then slyly jokes that there’s nothing to worry about because he’ll teach him everything he needs to know. Will appreciates the humor, but still can’t help but feeling a little anxious. SAMI’S APARTMENT Sami is pacing back and forth, anxiously spinning the bracelet EJ gave her for Christmas around her wrist and thinking about his invitation to spend New Year’s Eve together. She flashes back on EJ’s invitation, but still can’t decide what answer to give him. There’s a part of her that very much would like to accept, but still another part that tells her “no.” Unable to make a decision herself, Sami phones her ex-husband, Rafe Hernandez, in order to ask him about his own plans for the evening. To Sami’s relief, Rafe tells her that he isn’t working tonight, but he doesn’t have any set plans other than staying home. Sami attempts to wrangle an invitation out of him, but Rafe is either uninterested or too dense to pick up on Sami’s subtle hints. While Sami is on the phone with Rafe, Lucas knocks on her door. Sami lets him in and it only takes mere moments of hearing part of Sami’s conversation with Rafe for him to realize what she’s trying to do. Reminding her of their deal, Lucas snatches the phone out of her hands and hangs up on Rafe. Sami is furious with Lucas and begins yelling at him, but he accuses her of trying to set up a date with Rafe which is in direct conflict with what they promised each other they would do. Lucas reminds Sami that she’s the one who made him promise her that he would keep her from getting her life mixed up with another man and that’s a promise he intends on keeping. Sami reluctantly thanks Lucas for “coming to her rescue – again,” but it seems rather clear that her heart isn’t quite in her words of gratitude. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL – EMERGENCY ROOM Dr. Kayla Brady JohnsonKayla is going over the roster for the evening shift with Nurses Maxine and Sheila who are also filing in to help cover staff out with the flu. Although Kayla is thankful for the volunteers that they’ve gotten, it’s still painfully obvious that they’re going to be desperately shorthanded for the evening. When Mike strolls into the ER, Kayla accuses him of only being there to gloat over her working on New Year’s Eve before he takes off to start getting ready for his “hot date” with Gretchen. Mike “reluctantly” confesses that it appears as if his plans with Gretchen have been cancelled – she’s come down with the flu herself. Kayla struggles not to laugh or take pleasure in Mike’s misfortune. She playfully glances at her watch and remarks that there’s still a few hours left for him to find a suitable replacement before midnight. Mike sighs that he’s tempted to not even bother and scratch his plans for the evening all together. Kayla’s surprised since it’s never been like Mike to skip a big party night. He groans that he’s not as young as he used to be and then asks whether Kayla still needed help covering shifts in the ER. air jordans free shipping She admits that she does and he responds with “sign me up!” Kayla is impressed, but Mike confesses to an ulterior motive – he can’t have her showing him up to the hospital board with her good deeds. SAMI’S APARTMENT Sami is alone and still annoyed with Lucas’s previous interference with her attempts at luring Rafe into a New Year’s Eve date. After pacing back and forth and eyeing her phone for several minutes, she decides to phone Rafe again. However, before she’s able to do so another knock comes at the door. air max noir When Sami answers it, she’s surprised to find a small team of delivery people loaded down with boxes and garment bags and supplies who begin invading her apartment. A stunned and bewildered Sami waves her hands in the air to get someone’s attention so that they can tell her what’s going on. It quickly becomes evident what’s going on when she sees that the last person into her apartment is EJ who then explains that, since he hadn’t heard back from her, he assumed her answer to his invitation was “yes.” He also “took the liberty” of arranging for people from the staff at Barron’s Department Store to bring a selection of gowns, shoes, and accessories for her to try on as well as a team of hair and makeup people. Sami is nearly speechless from EJ’s display of generosity. She asks him why he’s gone to so much trouble and he replies that she’s the only person he wants to spend New Year’s Eve with and he hopes that this little “extra push” will convince her of the same. “Will you ring in the New Year as my date, Samantha?” he asks. A touched and overwhelmed Sami can only nod her head “yes” in reply. THE DIMERA MANSION – KRISTEN’S BEDROOM Kristen is in the process of trying on various gowns to wear to the New Year’s Eve party at Doug’s Place. As she looks at her reflection in the full length mirror in front of her, she flashes back to a romantic evening she and John shared many, many years ago. She nearly becomes lost in the memory until she becomes aware of someone else’s presence in the room and turns to see Mitch Taggart standing in her opened doorway watching her. She chastises him for spying on her. He apologizes and very curtly informs her that he tried to get her attention, but she refused to acknowledge him. Embarrassed, Kristen asks Mitch what he wants and why he’s not with EJ. Mitch explains that EJ took off to convince Sami Brady to join him for New Year’s, leaving him with explicit instructions to escort her to the party where they’ll meet up with EJ and Sami later. Kristen insists that she’s more than capable of escorting herself. “I’m just doing what I was instructed to do, Ms. DiMera,” Mitch mutters before leaving Kristen to drift back into her memories of John.

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