Episode #0026

NEW DAY SAMI’S APARTMENT Will HortonWill Horton pulls on his coat and prepares to head out the door, but is stopped by his mother, Sami Brady, who wants to know where he’s running off to. Sami had hoped that they could spend the entire day at home with his younger brother and sisters as a family (Eddie is taking care of running the pub today). Will explains that he received a phone call from Sami’s step-father, John Black, asking to meet him about “something-or-other.” Although that is true, Sami can’t help but suspect that Will is using it as more of an excuse than a reason and calls him on it. A reluctant Will finally confesses that he feels awkward around her after what he witnessed between her and both Rafe Hernandez and EJ DiMera at Christmas. Sami insists she has no idea what he’s talking about. Nike Air Max Dames “Of course you don’t,” Will mutters as he heads out the door. “You never do.” A VACANT LOFT John BlackWill arrives through the large sliding door of a vacant loft down by the waterfront. He checks the address that he’d hurriedly scribbled on a piece of paper that John had given him (25 River St.) and deduces that he’s in the right place. John then reveals his presence and announces that he’s come up with a solution to Will’s living problems – his old loft. John explains the history of the loft going all the way back to Bo and Hope Brady when they were first married. John tells Will that so many Bradys, Hortons, and Blacks have lived in the loft at various times over the years that he’s lost track. John thinks it’s high time that Will (as both a Brady and a Horton and an honorary Black) live there, too. Will is both surprised and floored by the gift, but John explains that he’s not “giving” him the loft (which is why he didn’t mention it at Christmas). Will still has to be a responsible adult and pay rent, but John is willing to cut him a deal and lease it to him far below the going rate (“Consider it a family deal.”). Will readily accepts and starts making plans for his new loft. BO & HOPE’S HOUSE Doug Williams is visiting his daughter, Hope Brady, and discussing her difficulty in reaching her husband, Bo Brady, in Australia. Hope attempts to put on a brave face by repeating John’s information about the poor weather and communications issues disrupting phone service, but Doug astutely understands that she’s merely trying to cover up her own fears and concerns. He pulls his “princess” into his arms and does his best to reassure her that Bo will be home where he belongs soon. In an attempt to change the subject, Doug asks Hope how she thinks Bo will react to them having custody of J.T. Hope isn’t sure, but hopes that he’s as open to it as she’s been. After all, J.T. was the son that they dearly loved with all of their hearts so many years ago. Doug asks how J.T. has been adjusting with the sudden change and Hope confesses that she isn’t sure because he’s seemed so withdrawn and out of sorts, although it certainly can’t be easy. Hope reveals that J.T. has been so withdrawn that he hasn’t even been out of his room all day. THE DOCKS J.T. Reiber (who’s obviously snuck out of the house) is wandering along the docks. He’s clearly unhappy with his current situation and only agreed to come to Salem with Hope because it had been a condition for his release from St. Monica’s (as revealed in a flashback with his Chicago case worker, Peggy Randall). J.T. openly curses his parents for dying on him and leaving him to a bunch a people he barely even remembers. He suspects that he might be better off on the street on his own. As he walks along, he sees Ace who he remembers from the hospital on Christmas. Curious, J.T. follows Ace to an old warehouse where he sees Ace meeting up with a small group of guys – the same Vipers who’d earlier threatened Will and Sonny on the docks. THE DOCKS As J.T. eavesdrops on the group of Vipers, he bumps into a crate, knocking it over with a loud crash and alerting the gang to his presence. J.T. attempts to make a getaway, but the gang (led by Ace) catches him and stop him. Ace demands to know what J.T. is doing and accuses him of spying on them. J.T. insists that he wasn’t – he was just hanging out on the docks and ran into them. Eventually, Ace recognizes J.T. as the guy he saw at the hospital and accuses J.T. of following him. J.T. assures him that he wasn’t and explains that he just moved to Salem (rather reluctantly) and doesn’t know anyone. J.T. tells Ace that it looks like he’s got a good setup with his boys and Ace rather proudly informs him that the Vipers have a long and respected history in Salem. Ace also informs J.T. that Vipers take care of their own. A curious J.T. asks Ace how a guy goes about becoming a Viper. Ace reveals that guys don’t pick the Vipers – Vipers pick the guys who they think are worthy. Compra Zapatillas New Balance “Do you think you’re worthy, dude?” Ace asks J.T. SAMI’S APARTMENT Lucas Horton brings his daughter, Allie, home after a Christmas sleepover.

  • Noticing his son’s absence, Lucas asks where Will is and Sami explains that John wanted to see him about something. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 When Lucas sends Allie, Johnny, and Sydney into the other room to play because he “wants to talk to Mommy about something,” the tone in his voice tells Sami that it’s something serious. Once alone, Lucas asks Sami about what’s going on between her and EJ and Rafe. Sami assures Lucas that there’s nothing going on between any of them. The kids spent a nice Christmas with EJ and Rafe brought the kids presents which she thought was a nice gesture consider how much they still love him. Lucas suspects that things weren’t so simple and Sami quickly deduces that Lucas’s opinion is base on something Will has said. Although Lucas doesn’t reveal anything his son told him, Lucas pointedly reminds Sami about their “pact” to remain single “for their own good.” Sami accuses Lucas of being far too into and concerned with this “pact” (which she specifically refers to as a “bet”) than he should be and asks him if he’s using it as an excuse to keep her single for his own benefit. Lucas is stunned by the accusation and flatly denies it. THE KIRIAKIS MANSION Sonny Kiriakis is preparing to go out to meet his boyfriend, Will, when he runs into his big brother, Alex. Making idle chitchat, Alex inquires about Sonny’s plans for the day and Sonny reveals that he’s going to see Will and finally reveal his real Christmas present which he hasn’t given to Will yet. A rather blunt Alex questions Sonny about the amount of time he seems to be spending with Will. Sonny reminds Alex that he and Will are a couple and it’s only logical and reasonable that they’d want to spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately, because of Will’s college class schedule and the amount of time it requires to run the coffee shop, he and Will don’t get to spend as much time together as they’d like. Sonny hopes his Christmas present fixes that. Alex cautions his little brother against getting caught up in something that can have severe negative ramifications on his entire future. Although Alex’s comment is vague, an astute Sonny immediately gets the implication. Without giving any kind of response, Sonny silently turns on his heel and storms out. What neither Sonny nor Alex knows is that Nick Fallon has accidentally overheard the entire exchange and isn’t quite sure what to do about what he’s heard. TOWN SQUARE Sonny KiriakisWill and Sonny meet by the town Christmas tree. Will is clearly bubbling over with excitement about John’s offer of the loft, but Sonny’s mood is significantly darker because of his run in with his brother. Will questions Sonny’s dour mood, but Sonny quickly pushes any of sort of negative thoughts aside and instead focuses his attention on what’s gotten Will so excited. Will explains John’s offer of the loft (as well as the stipulations and requirements) and Sonny shares in his excitement that they might actually have some place to be together. Sonny goes on to confess his plans to be together with Will in the form of his Christmas present. Will asks Sonny why he didn’t give it to him at Christmas and Sonny explains that there was so much going on that he wanted the moment to be just them. A confused Will realizes that the envelope Sonny hands him contains a brochure for Green Mountain Lodge. Sonny explains that he’s made reservations for them to spend New Year’s Eve at the lodge – together. The romantic prospect of Sonny’s plan excites Will who pulls Sonny into a tender kiss under the Christmas tree. BO & HOPE’S HOUSE Hope catches J.T. sneaking back into the house and is shocked because she never even knew he’d left. Hope questions J.T. about where he’s been, but all he can say is “out” before hurrying upstairs to his room. She follows him (much to his annoyance) and tells him that, although she fully understands him wanting to get used to Salem and have time to himself, she wishes that he’d let her know when he’s going on so that she doesn’t worry about him. Asics Tiger damskie A stoic J.T. assures Hope that she doesn’t need to worry about him because no one’s ever worried about him before and he’s just fine. A stunned Hope reminds J.T. that his parents, Glen and Barb, worried about him a great deal, but J.T. doesn’t appear to react to this information. Hope adds that she’s always worried about him from the day he was born, but J.T. refuses to react to this, either. Deciding that J.T. may simply need some time to himself, Hope leaves him alone to go make another attempt at reaching Bo. Once alone for a few minutes J.T. pulls a pocket knife out of his jacket and begins to carve the Vipers’ symbol in the side of his nightstand. THE BRADY PUB Alex stops in for lunch and a chance to chat up a very willing Gabi Hernandez. Asics Gel Lyte 5 damskie Alex asks Gabi if she enjoyed the Kiriakis Christmas party and she tells him that she had a wonderful time and is grateful that Nick invited her. Although Alex seems to bristle with the mention of Nick’s name, he tries not to let it show. Alex asks Gabi about her apartment search and she explains that she hasn’t had an easy time of it. There’s hardly anything suitable that she can afford on a pub waitress’ tips. Before the conversation can continue, Nick enters and makes a beeline for Gabi as soon as he notices her talking to Alex.

  • Nick kisses Gabi in front of Alex and is deliberately cool towards him. A smug Alex is amused by Nick’s rather obvious display of affection (which is clearly for his benefit) and excuses himself by claiming that he needs to get to the office. Once Alex has left, Nick launches into a tirade about how much he dislikes him. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Gabi is stunned by Nick’s attitude and insists that Alex is a nice, upstanding guy who she really likes. Besides, he’s Sonny’s brother and she feels it’s only right to go out of the way to be nice to their friend’s family. Although Nick’s first instinct is to blurt out the conversation he overheard between Alex and Sonny about Will, Nick decides against it at the moment.

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  • However, Nick’s gut instincts lead him to believe that Alex Kiriakis is not to be trusted and keep him away from Gabi for her own protection.

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