Episode #0025

CHRISTMAS DAY SAMI’S APARTMENT Sami BradySami Brady is enjoying a happy Christmas morning with her family. She and her oldest son, Will Horton, are sitting on the sofa watching her youngest children, Allie, Johnny, and Sydney, playing with their Christmas presents amongst a sea of torn wrapping paper and bows. Sami attempts to corral the kids into cleaning up the mess and starting to get ready to go visit their fathers. Will plans on taking Allie to Grandma Caroline’s and then to the hospital to meet their father, Lucas, where they’ll help with the annual Christmas party for the children’s ward. Sami sends the children off to their room to get ready as a knock comes at the door. It’s her ex-husband, Rafe Hernandez, with his arms loaded down with presents, wishing her a Merry Christmas. SAMI’S APARTMENT Rafe HernandezUpon seeing Rafe, the children run into his arms and he happily gives each one of them their presents. Sami is clearly surprised to see him because she was under the impression that he had volunteered to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and wouldn’t be around. Rafe explains that he does have to go into the station later, but he has the actual morning off and didn’t to miss the holiday all together without doing something for the kids “If that’s all right.” Sami confesses that the kids would’ve been disappointed if he hadn’t. Noticing that Rafe has two presents left in his stack, Sami questions him about them and he hands one to Will (who opens it to reveal a new shirt) and one to Sami (“If that’s okay?”). Sami eagerly takes the gift and opens it. It’s an elegant black enamel, onyx, and gold filigree penguin pin (“The kids have one so I thought you should, too.”) Sami is touched by the sentimental gesture and impetuously gives Rafe a tender kiss on the cheek which leads to a rather awkward moment between the exes. Not quite knowing what to say or do next, Rafe hurriedly excuses himself by saying that he has to go meet his sister, Gabi, for a Christmas lunch at the Chinese restaurant on the corner before heading into the station. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Lucas Horton is attempting to direct traffic among the many volunteers finishing setting up for the children’s Christmas party. His sister, Jennifer Devereaux, is pacing back and forth in the background trying to reach someone at the Salem Spectator to arrange for the photographer for the party which she’d failed to pre-arrange like she was supposed to do. chaussures homme adidas adi racer Drs. Mike Horton, Kayla Johnson, and Valerie Grant are helping Lucas with the set-up as Lucas’ father, Dr. Bill Horton, watches. Maxine acts as if she’s supervising the whole process even though it’s really Lucas who’s in charge. nike air max 180 chaussures She pulls him aside and asks him if he’s found anyone to fill the Santa suit yet, and Lucas reluctantly confesses that he hasn’t. Maxine rather bluntly informs him that if he can’t dig up a suitable Santa Claus, he’ll be the one who has to wear the suit and tell the Christmas story to all the kids. Lucas seems less than thrilled with that prospect. Meanwhile, Bill is pulled aside by Byron Rawlins who asks him how his Christmas Eve with his family went. Bill explains that they were justifiably surprised. Rawlins asks him if he’s informed them that this isn’t just a visit. Bill replies that he hasn’t found the right time to let them know that he’s back in Salem for good. THE DIMERA MANSION EJ DiMera and Sami are sitting on the sofa watching their two children, Johnny and Sydney, opening their presents. Kristen DiMera enters and comments on how Christmas simply never seems like Christmas unless there are children around. It’s quite obvious that Kristen is thinking wistfully about the baby she lost so many years ago, but neither EJ nor Sami seem to pay her much attention. In fact, Sami almost acts as if she’s annoyed that Kristen is present. Mochilas Kanken Classic Sami is clearly only tolerating Kristen for the sake of the children’s holiday with their father. Mitch Taggart comes into the room and begins to hover as he typically does, which unnerves Sami. She asks EJ why Mitch is always around and EJ whispers an abbreviated explanation that it’s per his father’s orders “to take care of him.” EJ’s tone lets Sami know that he doesn’t want to discuss it further. EJ notices the penguin pin Sami’s wearing and instantly knows that it’s a gift from Rafe. He comments on it (“That pin – it’s very interesting”), but Sami doesn’t volunteer any information on it, she merely responds with a polite “thank you.” Not to be outdone, EJ gives Sami his own gift, which she opens to reveal a very elegant (and clearly expensive) gold and diamond bangle bracelet. Inside is the inscription “The Way You Look Tonight”. The gift touches Sami and she immediately puts it on. Kristen interrupts the family moment (much to the obvious annoyance of both EJ and Sami) to tell them that she has an idea that would make the day even better…. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Lucas HortonSami arrives at the hospital with EJ, Kristen, and the kids (with Mitch close behind). It was Kristen’s idea to take the children to the hospital Christmas party. Once Lucas sees Sami walk in with EJ, he immediately becomes alarmed and quickly pulls her aside to ask her what she’s doing. A defensive Sami explains that she just wants her kids to have a happy, joyful Christmas and that if that means spending time with EJ in a peaceful manner, then so be it. Lucas admits that Sami has a point, but bluntly informs her that he doesn’t necessarily like it and he’s afraid that she’s going to end up getting herself into trouble. Jennifer pulls Lucas away and informs him that she managed to get in touch with someone at the Spectator. Unfortunately, there’s no one available to come take pictures of the party. She did, however, get them to agree to publish any pictures they submitted to the paper. Abby Devereaux, who’s just arrived, overhears and quickly volunteers to take care of it. After all, she’s planning on stopping by the paper, anyway, to check on a potential job with the new owners. Lucas is relieved that one potential crisis is averted, but quickly notices the pile of red velvet and white fluff on the nurses’ station that needs to find a wearer. Hope Brady arrives for the party with her daughter, Ciara, and a clearly less than enthused J.T. Reiber. Ciara quickly runs to join her cousins to play with the other children while J.T., still feeling like an outsider, holds back from joining the rest of the group. Hope tries to convince him to become involved, but he’s very hesitant.

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  • A patient Hope tells J.T.

  • that his feelings are understandable and everyone will be there for him when he’s ready. Meanwhile, Abe Carver arrives with his young son, Theo, and Nicole Walker (who Abe has talked into joining him with her baby). Theo has a grand time playing with Ciara, Johnny, Sydney, and Joey. Once Nicole sees EJ and Sami, she immediately realizes that coming to the party was a mistake and attempts to make an excuse to leave. Unfortunately, EJ catches her before she has a chance to make a getaway and calls over Johnny and Sydney to meet their new baby brother, Edmund. Kayla asks Mike how he feels about having his father home for the holidays. Although Mike attempts to downplay his feelings, he’s clearly less than thrilled. He confesses to Kayla that he hopes that Bill isn’t trying to use the holiday as an excuse to try to be a father to him again. Mike insists that he’s far too old for Bill’s father act (which he doesn’t need) and very firmly reminds Kayla that he already had a father (a real father) who’s now gone (Mickey Horton). The last thing Mike feels he needs or wants is for Bill, his biological father, trying to take Mickey’s place now because it’s far too little, far too late. Lucas walks up and grumbles about still not being able to find a Santa Claus with time running out. Maglie Denver Nuggets Kayla whispers to Mike that whoever decides to put on the suit might score points with the board (especially Rawlins) in the campaign to be the next COS. Mike realizes that Kayla may have a point. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Chloe LaneChloe Lane brings her young son, Robby, to see Santa at the Christmas party and promptly runs into Daniel. nike air max 1 turquoise Their meeting is appropriately awkward as neither one of them seems to know what to say to the other. Daniel apologizes to her for not speaking to her last night at the Kiriakis party, but she assures him that she understands – there was a lot of people present and a lot going on. Daniel comments on how much Robby has grown and then reflects wistfully on when he once thought he was Robby’s father. Daniel again apologizes to Chloe for the way he behaved and treated her back then, but she assures him that she’s long forgiven him because they both made terrible mistakes they each wish could be taken back. Sharing a moment, Daniel gives Chloe a tender Christmas kiss on the cheek and Robby on his forehead.

  • The warm moment is witnessed by Jennifer who suddenly feels her own pangs of wistful remorse. Abe can’t believe his eyes when he sees Valerie for the first time since she’s been back in Salem. He expresses his surprise over her return and she explains about her separation from David Banning and the competition to replace his late wife, Lexie, as University Hospital COS. Valerie expresses her condolences to Abe over Lexie’s death and regret that she never had a chance to meet her. Likewise, Abe offers his condolences over the breakup of Valerie’s marriage. Although Abe is curious about the reason behind the divorce, he realizes that it’s not his place to pry. Abe hopes that he and Valerie will have a chance to get together and catch up on old times.

  • Valerie smiles when she tells Abe that she’d like that. Will arrives with his little sister Allie from a lovely Christmas dinner with Grandma Caroline. As Allie goes to play with the other children, Lucas remarks that they made it just in time for the Christmas story. Will asks if Lucas ever found anyone to play Santa Claus and Lucas explains that Mike has volunteered to fill the role. Will is curious how Lucas feels about that and Lucas remarks that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” When Will sees his mother sharing a close moment with EJ, he comments to his father about her morning meeting with Rafe and afternoon meeting with EJ. “I guess they’ve decided to take her in shifts,” Will quips. The comment doesn’t set well with Lucas who chastises his son’s remarks regarding Sami’s love life. Lucas goes on to correct Will by explaining the agreement they have to remain single and unencumbered by the complications of romance. nike pas cher Will tells his father that he clearly hasn’t been paying attention if he doesn’t think his mother isn’t in any way “encumbered.” Mike returns under the guise of Santa Claus to the joyous cries and screams of all of the kids (all while Abby is snapping away with her camera). “Santa” gathers the children around the big chair and the specially decorated Christmas setting by the tree and proceeds to tell them the traditional Christmas story about the child born in Bethlehem as the true reason for the holiday. As “Santa” continues with the story, Bill watches his son from the sidelines with a great deal of pride. Rawlins asks Bill why he didn’t volunteer to play Santa, remarking that it would be entirely fitting due to his current position as elder Horton of the family. Rawlins also points out that seeing a COS candidate step up and play Santa Claus for the children makes for quite an impression. Bill dismisses Rawlins’ comments, insisting that Mike is far and away the best man to play Santa Claus. “And COS?” Rawlins asks. Bill refuses to answer. Once “Santa” finishes the story, he begins to hand out presents to all of the children who eagerly open them followed by Chloe leading the children in a jolly chorus of “Jingle Bells”. Meanwhile, J.T. continues to maintain his distance from the rest of the group. Despite Hope’s patience and assurances that he belongs, J.T. is certain that he doesn’t and never will. As he slips away from the group, he comes upon a boy slightly older than him in the waiting room. It’s clear that the boy has been hurt in some way and is awaiting medical attention. J.T. tries to talk to him, but the kid refuses to say anything to him and then angrily snaps at him to leave him alone. J.T. gets an attitude back and the two start to bicker until the other boy tells J.T. that his name is Ace. J.T. is shocked when he realizes that Ace really isn’t hurt as badly as he’s acting (he claims he’d gotten into a fight). Ace threatens J.T. to mind his own business and then storms off. A curious J.T. follows Ace and then witness him swiping some pill bottles off of an unwatched supply cart before slipping out the emergency stairs. J.T. isn’t sure what to do with the information.

    2 thoughts on “Episode #0025

    1. What is it with Safe and these damn penguins?! LOL!

      The EJami fan buried deep deep deep inside of squealed when EJ revealed his gift to Sami.

      I’m glad you’re continuing to play the tension between Bill and Mike that’s lasted for years.

      I wonder if Ace will turn out to be connected to someone from Salem past.

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