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The observation of the relation between arsenic exposure and

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I was recently reminded just how broadly applicable the

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Lmao implying the wars we’ve fought since WW2 have been at all necessary or have defended us at all. Thank you for your service, but you get no pass trying to peddle that bullshit here. Yes people died, sorry to their families but that doesn’t mean their deaths had meaning.

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To post or not to post was the question most social media users grappled with on Wednesday night and Thursday with their Deepavali photographs. “Earlier, people would pose while lighting crackers. But on Deepavali night, many politely asked me not to click photographs.

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Others on the list were not reported as abusers until after

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It difficult to see where that room is in relation to the

“I then proceeded to write a letter to my co stars, [whom Hopkins] praised a lot,” Cranston said. “I started to write, ‘Anthony Hopkins wrote me a letter and he said basically,’ and I stopped and went, wait a minute. Why would I paraphrase him and capsulate what he wrote? I should just let them read the letter,” he explained..

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In response to last year all time low of 26

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That being said, the experience on the PH 1 is worse than I had

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