NFL Playoffs Highlight the Absurd Policy

Could the unthinkable happen? Could a National Football League playoff game in football crazy
cheap ray ban sunglasses Green Bay not be televised? At the moment, it not only looks like the Packers game on Sunday could be "blacked out," to use the industry’s terminology, but other playoff games scheduled for this weekend nearly suffered the same fate.

Why? The so called "blackout rule," which stems from a 1961 law, states that NFL games for which a certain percentage of tickets have not been sold 72 hours prior to kickoff will not be televised in
cheap fake oakleys sales the local market. Green Bay, along with Indianapolis and Cincinnati, received
wholesale ray ban sunglasses extensions to the 72 hour rule, as tickets sales were far slower than expected.


cheap oakleys sale in
fake oakleys Sunglasses fact, only reached the required threshold thanks to a grocery chain buying up the last 1,200 tickets; as I’m writing this, Green Bay and Cincinnati are still short. If they don’t find someone to scoop up the final batch of tickets, it’s entirely possible that fans in

cheap oakleys Dallas, Phoenix and Buffalo will be able to watch games that local fans can’t see. (The last time the NFL blacked out a playoff game was 2002.)

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Of course, even the possibility that playoff games wouldn’t be available on local television created a
wholesale jerseys from china hue and cry over the
wholesale nhl jerseys future of football, and whether a tipping point has been reached at which it is simply more enjoyable to watch a game at home,

fake cheap oakleys on television, rather than in person. (And honestly, who can blame Green Bay fans who would rather sit on the couch
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But the episode, to me, simply highlights the absurdity that is the blackout rule. The NFL’s supposed goal in enforcing the rule is drawing more fans to
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Compounding the problem, Federal Communications Commission rules prevent cable or satellite television providers from showing games that are blacked out on the local networks. However, the FCC recently voted to consider a proposal to end that rule, which theoretically would
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"While the FCC’s recent unanimous vote to eliminate the Sports Blackout Rule is excellent news for fans and taxpayers across Ohio and across the country, the NFL should do everything it can to ensure that the Cincinnati Bengals’ Sunday playoff game is not blacked out," Brown said. News debate: Should Washington’s Football Team Change Its Name?]

Brown is far from the first lawmaker to complain about the blackout rule. Late last year, in fact, Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D Conn., and John McCain, R Ariz., introduced the Furthering Access and Networks for Sports (FANS) Act. Rep. Under the legislation, the FCC’s blackout rules would be eliminated, and sports leagues would lose some of
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replica oakleys they insist on blackout policies during TV contract disputes or refuse to broadcast games over the Internet. Though it wouldn’t end blackouts entirely, the bill would be a significant
fake cheap oakleys step in the right direction, removing protections from sports leagues that act in an anti consumer manner.

Brown also made one additional point that is worth mentioning, saying, "Fans, through local taxes, often help pay for the stadiums. They should be able to cheer on their local teams, especially during the playoffs." And it’s true that nearly every NFL team has, in one way or another, benefited from public subsidies for stadium construction. The league itself is also a tax exempt organization.

With all these public benefits raining down upon it, the least the NFL can do is ditch its blackout policy. If it doesn’t and maybe the league legitimately feels blackouts do it some good, despite the data saying otherwise
christian louboutin shoes regulators and lawmakers would be entirely justified in taking away some of the public goodies the NFL currently enjoys. And hopefully,
cheap oakleys fans in Green Bay won’t have to drive to some other state to see their team play on Sunday.

UPDATE: Both Green Bay and Cincinnati announced
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NFL Rules of Possession

In the NFL,
wholesale ray ban a change of possession can occur in a number of ways. One of those is when
replica oakleys a team fails to get a first down, which means they were not able to advance the football ten yards from the point where they recorded their last first down. A team gets four downs to get a first down, but they typically will punt the ball away if after three downs they have not gained
replica oakleys the ten yards. Possession of the football changes if a team cannot get a first down on a fourth down
authentic jerseys play, punts the ball to the other team or scores a touchdown or a field goal.

Fumbles, interceptions
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If the offense fumbles the ball and it is recovered by the
discount oakleys online defense, then there is a change of possession. Likewise, if the offense attempts a pass and the defensive side intercepts, then possession changes. Possession also changes if the offensive team attempts a field goal and fails. The spot where the ball is placed is covered by possession rules. A missed field goal from inside the
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cheap nfl jerseys wholesale the 20 and the defensive team takes over possession. Those kicks that are tried from outside the 20 yard line and missed allow the defensive team to then take possession at the spot where the

fake cheap oakleys ball was snapped for the kick. A blocked field goal or punt results
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replica ray bans a change of possession,
jerseys wholesale as long as the team kicking does not recover the ball for a first down.

The other definition of possession in the NFL concerns itself with whether a player has possession of the ball during a play. On passing plays, the NFL rule of possession states that the receiver must have possession of the ball with both feet down in bounds before a catch can be ruled legal. The
cheap nike jerseys rule further describes possession as the player having clear control of the football before going out of bounds. Receivers are ruled not to have possession of the ball
Jerseys Wholesale From China legally if they are bobbling the football before going out of bounds.

One of the plays most often reviewed in the NFL by the instant replay official concerns whether a player has possession of the ball before fumbling it. The rule that governs such a situation clearly dictates that a player catching the ball must have possession of the ball with both feet down and be in the process of making a "football related move" for
cheap fake oakleys sales the player to be ruled to have possession. A football related move means that the player is attempting to evade a tackler.
fake oakleys Sunglasses A fumble after the

cheap oakleys receiver has been ruled to have possession is a live ball that can be recovered by either team.

One of the least understood NFL rules concerning possession is known as the "tuck rule." The rule says that if a player makes an attempt to pass the ball and moves his hand forward even if this player decides not to pass the ball
discount oakleys Sunglasses and loses possession of the football while trying to tuck it back near his body, the play will be ruled an incomplete pass. The offensive team maintains possession of the football even though at first glance many would consider the quarterback to have fumbled the ball. This rule came into play late

cheap ray bans in a playoff game between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders on January 19th, 2002. Quarterback Tom Brady of the Patriots was ruled to have thrown an incomplete pass when it looked as if
wholesale oakleys he had fumbled and New England maintained possession of the ball. They later kicked a tying field goal and won the contest in overtime.

How to Be a Good Football Kicker

The kicker on the football team is
fake cheap oakleys often overlooked as an essential component.
wholesale oakleys outlet However, a good football kicker is just as important as the quarterback or a strong defense. Being a good football
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wholesale oakleys team another component
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Step 1

Learn proper kicking form and use good form during every practice or drill.

cheap oakleys
wholesale oakleys store Focus on consistency with every practice attempt while keeping your head
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Step 2

Practice the kicking form with drills
wholesale fake oakleys during every practice. The kicking drills are designed
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wholesale ray ban sunglasses improve kicking power and
cheap discount ray bans distance along with
cheap nfl jerseys accuracy. Gradually increase the distance of the drills from the
oakleys sunglasses goal posts, but continue to focus on kicking
wholesale oakleys the football in the middle of the
fake ray ban
cheap jerseys goal posts.

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How to Wrap My Feet With Tape,
cards against humanity mobile

Whether you suffer from flat arches or plantar fasciitis,
cards against humanity for sale, wrapping your feet with tape can provide the necessary arch support you need to minimize the pain associated with walking or running with these conditions. You can usually keep the same wrap on your feet for up to two or three days before it needs changed. Be sure to consult a professional before attempting any self treatment for foot problems.

Step 1

Pull a 2 inch section of tape from the athletic tape roll without detaching it,
cards against humanity website. Attach the end of the tape to the ball of your foot just below your little toe.

Step 2

Wrap the tape across the length of your foot,
against humanity, around the heel and back across your foot to the ball of your foot below your big toe. Cut off the tape and attach the tape there. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the tape. Pat the tape down so it sticks to the skin.

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How Big Is The Bed Bug Problem,
cards against humnity

Tonight was the first time we’ve discussed bed bugs on “The Call,” and we weren’t sure we’d get much of a response. I’m so glad we tackled this topic,
against humanity game, though, because many of our callers were embarrassed to admit they’d been affected. I hope it helped to hear dozens of other New Yorkers’ experiences with the same embarrassing problem, and I’m glad so many of our viewers were willing to share.

I’m sure the City would take the infestation more seriously if bed bugs transmitted diseases, but even though they don’t, the pervasive pests are causing other serious problems. Small businesses and landlords are having to pay steep extermination costs. Clothing stores and theaters are losing business and merchandise. Tenants are replacing their clothes and bedding. And our first caller, Eileen in Inwood, broke my heart when she described a little girl at her school whose classmates teased and ostracized her for having bed bugs. I really think the City should be more proactive about solving this problem.

The City’s bed bug problem is taking a bigger bite out of public schools. The Department of Education confirms more than 300 cases have been detected in schools this year,
places to buy cards against humanity, almost triple the number from this time last year.

This year, bed bugs have hit several stores, theaters, hotels and landmarks, including the Empire State Building. In March 2009, Mayor Bloomberg created a task force to combat the spread of the critters that feed on humans, but do not transmit disease.

How concerned are you about the spread of bed bugs? Have you dealt with them at your home, school or workplace? Should the Health Department do more to educate New Yorkers on ways to prevent the spread?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

The Mayor bears a responsibility in assuring that proper fumigation takes place on a regular basis. This is already at epidemic proportions and will only continue to get worse until it is handled properly.

It is the same issue as when the Rats had taken over Central Park,
cards against humanity game, and lower .

Not everyone can afford to replace their belongings and they should not have to. I don’t know about the rest of the City, but I won’t go to the movies until I know the theaters are somehow safeguarded against the lil’ nasty critters. That is why they are spreading in theaters. We should shut them down. The financial destruction caused by bed bugs to homes ($500 to %2500) to rid one’s house should overshadow the profits lost by private theaters. It’s unjust.

I had them and it cost my building $1500 and me $400 not to mention all the work I missed.

I know it sounds cynical, but the sudden surge of bed bug problem this year almost reminds me of computer viruses:

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Shop Smart In Bangkok

There is always the anti shopaholic (usually the sponsors of shopaholic’s expenses). In shopaholic’s case, the father was given vague details of cultural spots like the chatuchak,
cards against humanitu, Jim Thompson Museum, and the floating market.

Realization only dawned on him at the airport when he saw shopaholic and family carting off large luggage with nothing inside.

For those whose husbands and fathers stayed at home while you went gallivanting around Bangkok’s major malls, bring pieces you can mix and match. A vest, a scarf, a hat can change your look for every snapshot.

That will spread that free half day city tour into three whole days of culture tripping. You can now tell them you toured Bangkok with snapshots to prove it.

Declare it. Show your passport (or photocopy) at the information center of major malls and get a tourist discount card from 5 to 30 percent off. On top of that, you can claim 7 percent Vat Tourist Refund for every 2000 baht you spend on a one time purchase.

Ask the cashier for the Vat Tourist Refund Application Form upon purchase. An accumulated total of 10,000 baht must be presented at the airport departure area for the cash refund. Some malls like Siam Paragon accept accumulated receipts for VAT refunds and give out tourist discount cards at the airport.

Buy only brands that are cheaper in Bangkok like Wacoal and Lacoste. Beauty products like Sunsilk, Rejoice, L oreal and Schwarzkopf are cheaper also. And although malls offer more choices, stalls can give discounts for the same products if you haggle.

Shopaholic purchased Wacoal stuff at three plus one at half price,
cards against himanity, not to mention the Vat Refund. Quite a good deal don’t you think? Some brands are not worth buying though. Mango, Zara and Bodyshop are more expensive than the shops in US even if it is on sale. Skip the Starbucks too.

Haggle it down to 50 percent,
cards against humanity retail. This is where our own tiangges get their products,
buy cards against humanity. And many stalls design and manufacture their own “made in Bangkok” products. Don’t be surprised if you happen to be haggling with the designer himself.

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MH17 bodies will go to Ukraine,
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Observers in eastern Ukraine believe bodies from Malaysian Airlines flight 17 have been moved into refrigerated railway cars with rebels now prepared to allow international experts in to start processing them,
card for humanity.

Monitoring mission spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said in a “significant development” the OSCE had been allowed to visit the village of Torez near the crash site with good security.

“We were told there were 169 bodies there although we have no way of independently verifying that,” the Organization for Security and Co operation in Europe spokesman said.

“The stench was absolutely overwhelming. I don’t want to be too gruesome but it’s a very, very difficult scene to watch.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia will do everything in its power to ensure the bodies of 37 Australians killed on Flight MH17 are respected and justice is done.

Almost 300 people perished when the plane was downed on Thursday.

Mr Bociurkiw said if the bodies at Torez were indeed MH17 victims it was a positive development because there were all being kept in one location,
cards against humanity cards list.

He suggested they were moved on Saturday night or very early on Sunday morning.

“We were further told that the plan now is to keep those railway cars there and allow in international experts and then at that time a decision will be made where to take them,” the mission spokesman said.

“They were wondering when experts will be arriving to start processing the bodies.

“The thinking is the cars should be taken to Ukrainian controlled territory, such as Kharkiv,
places to buy cards against humanity, and they can be processed there.”

Mr Bociurkiw said there appeared to be a preparedness to listen to international experts from the Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries and follow their guidance.

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Timberland Women’s Canard Resort Mid Boot

When it rains, it pours. Get outside and enjoy it with the comfort of dry feet. The Timberland Women’s Canard Resort Mid Boot keeps your foot dry in the muddiest, wettest weather. The Canard Resort features a luxurious shearling lining and rich leather that almost make it a sin to get them wet,
which cards against humanity expansion is best, but go ahead they’re waterproof. Seam sealed,
cards against humanit, waterproof construction keep feet dry in any weather. Each pair includes two sets of laces for a tonal look or a fun contrasting look. Completely lined with real shearling to provide cozy warmth and softness. Real shearling covering the removable,
card game humanity, contoured footbed for a comfortable fit and additional support. EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning. motion efficiency system, lugs that are strategically placed to follow the curved center of pressure path and the four natural motions of your foot braking, supporting, flexing and propelling to provide improved traction and longer wearing performance.

Material Rich leather upperLuxurious shearling liningWaterproof. motion efficiency systemLugs that are strategically placed to follow the curved center of pressure path and the four natural motions of your foot braking, supporting,
cards against humantiy, flexing, and propelling for improved tractionIncludes two sets of laces for a tonal look or a fun contrasting lookShaft Height: 5 1/2″ (size 7)

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Smash and grab gang steal watches worth thousands in raid on Regent Street jewellers

Izabela Ropela, deputy manager at shoe shop Russell and Bromley near the Mappin and Webb store, told the Standard: “The street was busy at the time and everyone just stopped and stared as they ran off. The whole thing was over in seconds.

“I think they were all white guys in their twenties.” One shop worker, who would not be identified, said that staff were “distressed and upset” by the raid at 5.45pm yesterday.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police were alerted at around 5.45pm to a smash and grab at a jewellers’ shop in Regent Street,
cards againts humanity?. Suspects made off from the scene on foot,
cards against humanity mobile. We are not aware of any injuries.”

Police have charged a 34 year old man with the theft of a handbag from a woman who was run over as the Dorchester raiders fled on mopeds on Tuesday,
cards against humanity packs. She was pickpocketed as she lay in the road,
cards of humanity.

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Loose Tea Bag from a Coffee Filter

: Loose Tea Bag from a Coffee Filter I enjoy tea multiple times a day, and I just started getting into drinking delicious loose teas. This should give you a rectangular shape. Fold the tea bag so that the folded sides are on the inside of the fo.I enjoy tea multiple times a day, and I just started getting into drinking delicious loose teas. My boyfriend brought me home from Florida some amazing loose tea blends from a store called Teavana. However, my tea ball broke.This is a great, quick, and easy way to make a disposable tea bag for my loose tea leaves. It takes only a matter of minutes, and are perfect for single serve tea’s. The best thing is that it is made from coffee filters which is always in our house.Once you complete this you will have a cute teabag, which mimics the shape of a Lipton Teabag,
cards against humanity cards, and filled with your own personal tea leaves! Enjoy your teaNow,
cards against humanity for sale, take the proper amount of tea leaves and spoon them into the center of the cut filter paper. Spread the leaves out along the length of the paper,
cards againt humanity?, leaving space along the edges.Make sure to leave a space in the center of the paper with no tea leaves. This space is where the tea bag will be folded in half in the next step.Next, fold the two cut sides in towards the middle of the bag evenly. You may need to move some of the loose tea a bit to properly fold the bag. Try and overlap the two folds. Me and my sister make this comment all the time when we see new simple products that sell for millions. Our biggest brain slaps was with the snuggies. A family of engineers and math majors in varied fields couldnt turn a robe around and think, hey.,
card against humanity, we could name this and market this to the public. Its brilliant! Bah my brain still slaps itself sometimes for it.

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