Penelope Lamont


Kind and gentle mother of Burt and Randy; romantically involved with Landon Callison in her youth, but his father drove her away before she could reveal she was carrying his child; revealed to Burt that Landon was his father on her death bed

full name
Penelope Cora Burgess Lamont

1888 in Albanyville

October, 1935; in Albanyville

cause of death
undisclosed long term illness

Herbert Lamont (January,1907 - 1928; divorced)

Burt Lamont (son w. Landon)
Randy Lamont (son w. Herb)

Mr. & Mrs. Burgess (both deceased)

romantic involvements
Landon Callison (lover, deceased)

occupation at time of death
unable to work due to ill health

residence at time of death
2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville

represented by images of
Billie Burke

first appearance
Episode #15

Last Updated:  Episode #125