Stephanie Lake

An actress on a radio soap opera; a one-time schemer who decided to turn her life around thanks to the influence of Patterson, whom she's since fallen in love with; Sara's cousin

full name
Stephanie Elaine Lake

January, 1917;  in  Chicago, IL

Stephen & Annabelle Lake (both deceased)

romantic involvements
Reginald Callison (ex-lover)
Douglas Davis (dated)
Clark Saxon (dated; deceased)
Patterson Monroe (fiancÚ)

other relatives
Mort Summers (maternal uncle)
Sara Summers (cousin)

actress on the WALB-Radio serial The Trials of Prudence

Springhill Manor, 54 Spring Lake Dr.; Albanyville

represented by images of
Susan Hayward

first appearance
Episode #1

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Last Updated:  Episode #125