in my own words...

Maggie CallisonIf I've heard one story about family history, I've heard a million.  Either it's my father talking about his father building Callison Publications from the ground up or it's my mother with her stories of how Quinton Albany founded our city.  Mother is the last direct descendant of Quinton, well until me and my brothers were born, and she is very proud of the fact that she was the last of the Albanys.  I actually think it's kinda neat, too, but I get tired of hearing about it every day.

I know that as Callisons and as Albanys, we've got a tradition to uphold, but why does it have to be so much work?  I just want to be a normal teenager and go to school dances and worry about boys and grades.  I don't understand why everyone has to be so serious all the time.  Father is always going on about something at work and Mother is constantly talking about her charity work.  That or her soaps.  Don't even think of disturbing her when One Man's Family or Ma Perkins is on.  I swear that if she sat any closer to the radio, she'd go deaf.

I hope I find a husband like Father someday.  He and Mother are so happy together.  I truly believe that they are the perfect couple.  I want a marriage just like theirs.  Just not yet.  I'm still young and can have fun.  I can worry about all that fancy wedding stuff when I'm grown up.  Well, maybe I can dream about it a little now.

March, 1935